Being an individualist, I pride myself on making everyone feel good about themselves no matter what they feel their shortcomings or insecurities may be. After almost a decade of self-destructive poorly made decisions, I decided no love was more important than the love I gave myself. And I believe everyone should experience such joy and liberation.

The Purpose:

Every relationship you possess, even with friends and family, is a reflection of how you think of yourself, how you believe you should be treated, and what you believe you deserve. It’s time to heal the person in the mirror so that the reflection is shifted. The secret to happiness is Self-Love.

The Mission:

My mission is to remind everyone of the power, freedom, acceptance and organic joy that loving yourself brings, and to reminding you that you deserve happiness. You deserve security. You deserve love. And you deserve those things from YOU!

My Vision:

My vision is to help others learn to forgive themselves while discovering their own strengths, skills, resources, and to explore multiple options for inner and outer healing using the 6 Dimensions of Wellness.