About Us:

Fueled by the passion of a once misunderstood woman, The Lounge of Wellness was born after finally realizing her Souls Purpose. Creating an old school rhythm stuffed in a new-age era, The Lounge of Wellness is meant to assist in carrying forward ancestral teachings and universal guidance hidden in plain site. 

The Purpose:

The Lounge of Wellness is a place for rediscovery of self while attaining the necessary knowledge and ancient resources in order for each individual embarking on their own personal or spiritual awakening, to unearth the path that sets their Solar Plexus on fire. We here at The Lounge of Wellness believe that the true wealth in life is our health, our family, and being oneness with all sentiment beings.

The Mission:

The Lounge of Wellness has but one main mission, and that mission is to spread as much knowledge as possible while providing numerous methods used by ancient cultures to expand their consciousness, and live in a state of harmony with the Gods and all dimensions.